L. E. Phillips Senior Center

Virtual Center

For years one of the goals of the L.E. Phillips Senior Center has been to create a Center without walls.

We know how important socialization is to all people and it is what we strive for our population here at the Center, but we are also aware that there are times, and circumstances that often can prevent you from making it through our doors, thus the creation of the L.E. Phillips Senior Center “Virtual Center.”

The Virtual Center will allow those of you at home to enter into a class that is being hosted live while you are at home or traveling for the winter months. Anywhere you can connect via a computer or your phone, you can connect to the L.E. Phillips Senior Center.

Click the below button to connect to the Virtual Center and see what programs are available to you.

Connect to the Virtual Center

Watch the videos below to learn how to register for Zoom, sign up for classes and join a class.